For over thirty years, NRS has provided a full range of rehabilitation services to individuals with serious injuries. We are pleased to announce that we now offer an expanded Pain Management Program, and introduce our new Pain Management Consultant Dr. Steve Blitzer.

Many individuals suffer from Chronic Pain (that is, pain that continues when it should not). It can be due to ongoing tissue injury, damage to the brain, spinal cord or peripheral nerves, or a mixture of these combined with negative psychosocial effects. It can impact every corner of a person’s life, not just their physical functioning. It is best treated by a multi-disciplinary team, working together to address the emotional, cognitive and mental aspects of pain, not just the physical.

At NRS we help clients maximize function, return to pre-injury productivity, and prevent further injury, deterioration or needless medical or surgical care by:

In addition to having access to a case coordinator, physiotherapist, rehab coach/kinesiologist/personal trainer, occupational therapist and social worker, we are pleased to offer the services of our new Pain Management Consultant. Dr. Steve Blitzer comes to us with over 20 years’ experience managing complex pain cases. See reverse for more information about Dr. Blitzer.

Meet our Pain Management Medical Consultant:

Dr. Steve Arthur BlitzerMD, DAAPM, DCAPM

NRS is pleased to welcome Dr. Steve Blitzer as our pain management consultant. Dr. Blitzer started his medical career in Emergency Medicine, managing acute trauma cases at various hospitals in Canada and the United States. For the past 20 years, he has managed a consultative medical practice, with a special interest in trauma, sports medicine, and pain management and rehabilitation, and is a Certified Pain Management Physician, with Diplomate Certification through both the American and Canadian Academies of Pain Management. He is also staff physician for two headache and chronic pain clinics.

Dr. Blitzer is also a member of the Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators and has extensive experience providing Independent Medical Assessments and Consultations within the Ontario Auto Insurance System. He has also done assessments and case reviews for the Workers’ Compensation Board of Ontario. His thorough, comprehensive evaluations and reports provide an expert opinion on each patient’s status, diagnoses and multiple approaches to treatment and rehabilitation.

As consultant to NRS, Dr. Blitzer’s role includes reviewing each client’s interacting medical problems, completing a comprehensive assessment, arranging for any diagnostic procedures as indicated, addressing issues of diagnoses and causation, and providing a detailed pain management medical and rehabilitation plan. In addition to providing ongoing medical follow up, including medication review and management and other therapeutic procedures such as injections, he works closely with the rehab team to ensure each client has access to a comprehensive multi-disciplinary rehab program designed to meet their specific needs.