Nothing prepares you for your child being seriously injured in a car accident. Your child may face new challenges and need help to relearn or find new ways to do everyday things – like managing his or her selfcare and household chores, getting around, communicating effectively and successfully returning to school and extra-curricular activities.

As one of the largest private community rehabilitation companies in Ontario, NRS is here to help – through every stage of your child’s recovery.

Quick Response Program (QRP)

Because children are being discharged from hospital earlier than ever before, we have developed the Quick Response Program (QRP). It is designed to get in place the equipment, therapy and supports your child urgently needs to safely go home. You can expect that:

Your QRP coordinator will also work with you and your hospital team to:

Meeting your child’s long-term needs

Our caring professionals have extensive experience in the treatment of children and adolescents with brain and spinal cord injuries, orthopaedic injuries, amputations, burns and other complex injuries. They will educate you and your family about your child’s condition, offer the most up to date treatment options and help you make informed medical decisions.

You and your child will be the center of the team – it is your unique goals and priorities that will drive our program!

With your consent, our professionals will also maintain open communications with any other individuals who are involved in your child’s recovery – this is likely to include doctors, teachers, employers, lawyers, funding sources and legal representatives.

Finally, NRS is committed to the provision of culturally sensitive programming and is pleased to offer services in a number of languages.

For over 25 years, NRS has provided a full range of rehabilitation services to children and youth with serious injuries. We have helped thousands of young people to successfully rebuild their lives.

Our secret? Local teams of compassionate and competent professionals who, inspired by the courage of kids and their families, know that there is a world of possibilities.