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Congratulations to NRS Occupational Therapist Terry Ginzburg

This excellent article is written in easy to understand language and includes a great case study.  The reader will learn how introducing a driver assessment and training program, early on and as part of a comprehensive rehab program, can effectively help brain injury survivors return to driving. 

To view the article, see page 37 and 38 of the OBIA Review- it can be found on the OBIA website

To learn more about the NRS Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation Program, click here.

NRS’s Life Care Planning Team has grown!

NRS is pleased to welcome Jodi Harendorf, founder and previous owner of Catastrophic Injury Management (CIM) to our Life Care Planning Team.  She brings over 30 years’ experience providing Life Care Planning and Case Management services to the insurance and legal industry.   Click here to learn more!

NRS Driver Program

A few years ago NRS was pleased to welcome Terry Ginsberg, Occupational Therapist with over 20 years Driver Rehab experience, along with her specialty instructors, to the NRS team.  Learn more about what makes the NRS driver program different by clicking here.

NRS welcomes Dr. Steve Blitzer, Chronic Pain Consultant

At NRS, our Case Coordinators, Physiotherapists, Rehab Coaches/ Kinesiologists/Personal Trainers, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers and Dieticians work together to help clients return to pre-injury productivity, and prevent further injury or deterioration. We are especially pleased to now offer our clients access to services of our new Pain Management Consultant. Dr. Steve Blitzer comes to us with over 20 years’ experience providing expert opinion and managing complex pain cases.

Click here to learn more about the NRS Pain Management Program

Click here to learn more about Dr. Blitzer

NRS and Catastrophic Injury Management (CIM) Joining Forces!

NRS has been a leading provider of “one stop shop” adult and pediatric Case Management and Rehabilitation Services and Life Care Planning for over 30 years.  Our rehab professionals are not only recognized for their outstanding clinical expertise, but their unique internal team approach and commitment to working with community partners to support our clients in their recovery.

Catastrophic Injury Management (CIM) has been a leader in the provision of outstanding Case Management and Life Care Planning for the seriously injured for over 25 years.

The owners of the two companies, long-time friends who have shared office space for decades, also share a passion for the provision of high quality, comprehensive, caring and coordinated rehab programs.  NRS is excited to announce this joint initiative which will grow our clinical team and allow us to provide services to a larger geographical region, including Northern Ontario and other provinces.   

Jodi Harendorf, founder and manager of CIM, will continue to oversee her Case Management and Life Care Planning Team.  Marie Hren and Harriette Brown, co-founders and managers of NRS, will oversee all administrative and managerial aspects of the joint initiative.  Merging the administrative teams of the two companies will allow for increased office efficiencies and customer service.

Referrals will continue to be accepted at both and

We offer the following programs and services for adults and children with brain and spinal cord injuries, orthopedic injuries, amputations, burns, psychiatric/psychological impairments, chronic pain and other complex injuries:

  • Therapeutic Services:
    • Case Management
    • OT/Attendant Care/Housekeeping/Equipment/Home Modifications
    • SLP
    • SW
    • Child Life
    • Dietician Services
    • PT/Kinesiology/Personal Training/Massage Therapy
    • Life Skills, Academic and Job Coaching
    • Driver Assessment and Training
    • Vocational Assessment and Rehab
    • Day Program
  • Medical/Legal Services:
    • Life Care Plans
    • Independent In-Home Occupational Therapy/Attendant Care, other Therapy and Vocational Assessments

Our staff has over 10 years’ experience, and we offer culturally sensitive programming and services in over 10 languages.  We offer a full range of services across most regions of Southern Ontario, and Case Management and Therapy (in person and e-rehab), as well as Life Care Planning Services, to Northern Ontario and other provinces across Canada.

NRS receives Ontario Brain Injury Association’s Annual Philanthropic Award

NRS is pleased to have been chosen as a 2018 recipient of the Ontario Brain Injury Association’s Annual Philanthropic Award for outstanding commitment to improving the lives of those living with the effects of acquired brain injury through generous financial or in kind contributions.

Marie Hren, Co-Director of NRS, accepted this award at the OBIA AGM on June 16, 2018.   Ruth Wilcock, Executive Director of OBIA, thanked NRS for celebrating its 30th anniversary on October 3, 2018 at Second City as a tribute to OBIA, as it too celebrated its 30th anniversary, and for its generous donation of the proceeds of the event.

NRS thanks OBIA for this kind recognition.  It is, as always, an honour to support the excellent work OBIA does in the area of education, awareness and support.

Neuro-Rehab Celebrates its 30th Anniversary!

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On October 3, 2017, NRS was thrilled to have so many of our community partners join us at Second City Theatre to help us celebrate our 30th anniversary, and to pay tribute to OBIA as it too celebrates its 30th anniversary.  All proceeds from the event were donated to OBIA, supporting the incredible work they do in the area of awareness, advocacy and support.

The evening started with dinner, cocktails and networking.  As Master of Ceremonies, Patricia Howell began the evening by sharing how NRS has grown over the years, noting it has expanded from offering Occupational Therapy Services to adults with brain injury out of Marie Hren’s home, to offering a full range of in-clinic and in-community services, for adults and children with a wide range of serious injuries, across Ontario, in various languages.  She highlighted some of NRS’ latest new programs, including our Pain Management Program and our Driver Assessment and Training Program.

Marie Hren and Harriette Brown, Co-Directors of NRS, did a toast to the NRS staff, commending  their compassion, skill and teamwork.

Ruth Wilcox, Executive Director, OBIA, then shared how OBIA has grown over the years, and gave thanks to NRS for choosing to celebrate our anniversary by supporting them.

Comedian Munish Joshi, comedian and advocate for individuals with brain injury, shared some of his family’s funny and touching experiences- evidence indeed that laughter is the best medicine.    This was followed by the incredible Second City Comedy Show.    A big high five to OBIA’s Katie Muirhead and NRS’s Ranjeet Hira and Marie Hren for getting on stage for the improv – you were awesome!

To all of you, our partners from the legal and rehab community, here’s to another 30 years, working together to help people rebuild their lives after serious injury!

NRS’s Post June 2016 Survival Guide #1 – Responding to Benefit Cuts

Effective June 1, 2016:

  • Those with serious non-CAT injuries will have only $65,000 combined med/rehab and attendant care.
  • Those with CAT injuries will have only $1,000,000 combined med/rehab and attendant care.

The NRS team has in place the following strategies, which will ensure the best use of available funds. 

Strategy #1: Case Coordination for the serious non-CAT 

  • There will be an even greater need for collaboration between the lawyer, rehab team, client and family to identify priorities.
  • To that end, NRS offers case coordination by experienced rehab therapists, at the cost effective, non-regulated provider rate.
  • As legal counsel, you can rely on our case coordinators as you do our case managers, with the only difference being that the case coordinators will focus on essential tasks- leaving the maximum amount for therapy. 

Strategy #2: Accessing public or free services 

  • Our case managers (CAT cases) and case coordinators (serious non-CAT cases) help families access all available public and free services. They are highly skilled at ensuring effective communication between public and private providers.
  • The result: cost effective, outcome oriented programming, with best use of the private funds available.

Strategy #3: Rehabilitation Support Workers 

  • NRS has over 50 skilled RSWs covering the GTA.
  • Travel time is typically 30 minutes or less.
  • Our coaches work under the supervision of our experienced OTs, PTs, SLPs, and Social Workers.
  • The outcome: high quality treatment that is also cost effective.

Strategy #4: E-Rehab 

  • NRS Case Managers, Case Coordinators, Therapists, and RSWs are using e-rehab wherever appropriate, meaning more funds go to treatment vs. travel.
  • The following can often be done effectively via Skype, Face-Time or teleconference:
    • Direct therapy, such as Social Work counseling.
    • Supervision of RSW’s by therapists.
    • Team meetings.
  • We also use the Cloud/Google Docs apps to ensure clients, families and team members have constant access to client schedules, programs, updates etc.

Strategy #5: Efficient, Strategic Reporting 

  • Our reports concisely document client progress towards their functional goals – ensuring the maximum funding for treatment vs. reporting. 
  • With limited funds available, setting priorities will also be even more critical: our multidisciplinary progress reports not only reflect our strong team approach but also offer cost savings.

NRS is proud to be a GOLD SPONSOR for the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association 2016 Conferences.

We thank the legal community for all the support they provide our clients and their families, as well as the NRS team. Working together, we are proud to have helped so many adults and children with serious injuries reach their potential.

Neuro-Rehab Services co-sponsors second Helmets on Kids event May 14, 2016!

The Bike Helmets on Kids event held in May 2015 with Torkin Manes Law firm was a huge success!  We gave away 300 helmets at the East York Town Center.  People were lined up before we were even set up and for many kids, this was their first helmet ever.  NRS staff provided information and brochures on brain injury prevention,  the Toronto Police were on hand to ensure proper helmet fit and the Scouts ran an obstacles course to teach safe riding which was enjoyed by all. 

We are thrilled that the Ontario Brain Injury Association will be joining NRS and Torkin Manes this year to co-sponsor the May 14, 2016 event.  Stay tuned for more information!

Click here to download the Helmets on Kids Event Poster!