Neuro-Rehab Services is a Canadian owned company that has been providing comprehensive community-based rehabilitation for adults and children across Ontario for over 30 years. 

We offer services in your home, workplace or school, at our clinics in Huntsville and North Bay; we also offer virtual services across Ontario.  

Our secret?

Experience: Our caring rehab professionals have extensive experience in the treatment of adults and children with brain, spinal cord and other neurological conditions, orthopedic injuries, amputations, burns, chronic pain, psychological/psychiatric difficulties, and other complex conditions. They will educate you about your condition and the latest evidence/best practices, and help you make informed  decisions.

Teamwork: Our local teams of compassionate and competent professionals are committed to working together, along with other med/rehab and funding/ legal partners, to ensure all programs are focused and coordinated.

Client and family centered care: You, our clients and their families, are the center of the team- it is your unique values, goals and priorities that drive our programs.

Culturally sensitive care: NRS is also committed to culturally sensitive programming and offers services in a range of languages.

Inspired by the courage of our clients and families, we know there is a world of possibilities.

Our commitment/approach

To those lives we touch, we make these commitments:

  • To encourage and respect client and family input and decision making.
  • To recognize the strengths and accomplishments of clients, family and staff.
  • To collaborate in the provision of client, family and provider education.
  • To champion the development of effective teams and partnerships.
  • To meet the needs of clients and community partners for quality, value and efficiency.
  • To lead in clinical achievement. We strive to meet these commitments by providing the highest quality coordinated and functional, client and family centered, evidence based and culturally sensitive programs.
  • To offer culturally sensitive and services in a range of languages.

Our Philosophy

Coordinated and functional programming

NRS offers a full range of case coordination, therapy and rehabilitation coaching services to help clients achieve their unique functional goals, which may include:

  • Becoming as independent as possible.
  • Resuming old interests or discovering new ones.
  • Achieving at school.
  • Returning to paid or non-paid work.
  • And/or having meaningful relationships. 

The NRS team will ensure there is communication and collaboration amongst all parties involved  through informal discussions, regular family/team meetings and shared reports.

Client & family centered practice

NRS is a leader in the area of client and family centered programming, which involves: 

  • Providing caring, compassionate programming.
  • Seeking out client and family member concerns, preferences and priorities.
  • Building on individual strengths and interests.
  • Supporting client choice and risk taking.
  • Helping clients and families become their own advocates.

Evidence based practice

Evidence based practice entails helping clients and families make informed decisions about each client’s health and rehabilitation by integrating the latest clinical research findings with practitioner expertise, while taking into consideration their unique characteristics, state, needs, values and preferences. NRS not only attracts some of the most skilled and experienced rehab professionals in the industry, it also ensures staff keep up to date through the following: 

  • Providing educational allowances so staff may attend conferences, offering in-house training programs and providing access to our library. By keeping abreast of the latest research findings and technology, staff are better able to educate clients and families about the potential risks and benefits of the various treatment strategies, and help them to make informed decisions about their rehabilitation. 
  • Supporting staff involvement in research initiatives. 
  • Supporting staff in educational initiatives (e.g. teaching courses at the University of Toronto, offering clinical placements for student interns, organizing major symposia and individual workshops for hospital teams, teachers, insurers, case managers and lawyers, publishing articles, etc.).
  • Encouraging staff involvement in activities within their profession and the rehabilitation committee.

Culturally sensitive programming

We recognize the importance of respecting each client’s unique experiences, perspectives and values. To this end, wherever possible, we strive to provide a “cultural match” between the therapist and client.

We are also able to provide a number of programs and services in languages other than English.

Neuro-Rehab Services Inc.