Driver Assessment and Training

The NRS Driver Assessment and Training Program is led by a specialized Occupational Therapist, who has over 15 years driver rehabilitation experience. For over 30 years, NRS has provided a full range of rehabilitation services to individuals with serious injuries.

The NRS Driver Program

With over 30 years clinical experience working with individuals with complex injuries and disabilities in the hospital and community, Driver Occupational Therapist understands how important it is for the driver program to be an integral part of each client’s overall rehabilitation. As such, she and her team of specialized driver instructors are committed to working closely with the client, family and the treatment team, from the early stages of pre-driving contemplation through to independence on the road.

The NRS Driver Program is appropriate for individuals with the following driving related challenges:

  • Physical challenges, e.g. Spinal Cord Injury, Amputations and Orthopedic Injuries.
  • Cognitive challenges e.g. Brain Injury, Learning Disabilities and Mild Cognitive Impairment.
  • Psychological challenges e.g. Driver Anxiety or Phobias.

Our driving team provides:

  •  Consultation input regarding driver readiness (e.g. whether a driver assessment is indicated or whether the client requires specific therapy/training in pre-driving skills first).
  • Driving Assessments, including a comprehensive assessment of physical, cognitive and psychological abilities as they relate to driving.
  • Driver Training, focusing on the unique physical, cognitive and psychological needs of each client.
  • Specific programming to address driver anxiety or phobia.
  • Vehicle modifications.
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