With NRS, you will always be in capable hands

The story of Marie and Harriette,
Co-directors, NRS

  • For over 30 years, Marie Hren, Harriette Brown and the NRS team have helped individuals with complex injuries lead meaningful, productive lives.
  • As Marie and Harriette started to consider retirement, they began looking for a leader who would appreciate NRS’ commitment to exceptional client care and the community. Then they met Steve and Olimpia Panella.

The story of Steve and Olimpia

  • Steve and Olimpia are husband and wife entrepreneurs with a desire to help people. After working in police and fire services, they acquired seven retail businesses committed to customer service and community involvement.
  • After Steve experienced months of rehabilitation following a cervical fracture, he and Olimpia decided their next acquisition would be a rehab company offering the kind of quality, coordinated care they wished he had. Then they met Marie and Harriette. Marie and Harriette are happy to announce that Steve and Olimpia are the new owners of NRS!
  • As Steve and Olimpia gradually take over the operational side of NRS, Marie and Harriette will continue to oversee all clinical services.
  • You can trust that the NRS team, including Patricia, Jodi, Trish, Amina, Doris and all of our Case Managers, Therapists, Coaches and Life Planners, will still be here for you and your clients.
  • And exciting news- Steve and Olimpia are already working on expanding NRS’ vocational program by offering work site placements at their various businesses.

To our clients and our community partners, we promise that with NRS, you will always be in capable hands. Please feel free to reach out to us you have any questions or concerns.

416 667 3422 or 905 669 0011

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