NRS Life Care Planning: Experience Matters

NRS Life Care Plans are based upon solid medical foundation, but what makes them uniquely defensible is our clinical experience.


With over 30 years Case Management and Occupational Therapy experience, we have personally followed many adults and children with serious injuries over decades. We know firsthand how an individual’s status can change over time and what would be considered reasonable, and we ensure this is consistently reflected across all recommendations from the medical and rehabilitation team.


We also know from experience that our specialized knowledge of Disability and Life Care Planning is only valuable if it is well communicated. As a result, NRS reports and testimony are clear and easily understood by lawyers, judges and jurors.

Case Example: How clinical experience impacts Life Care Planning

Robert sustained a serious brain injury as a very young child. He has been followed by NRS for decades, through years of intensive therapy and academic support as a youngster, through the trauma of adolescence when he fell behind his peers and started acting out, to the period when he was homeless and refusing support, to his return to rehabilitation and, with support, involvement in a College Program. This was followed by regular evictions, substance abuse and involvement with the police. As a middle age man, he is finally settled in a safe living environment and able to maintain a series of part time jobs. But without the ongoing supports he has had over the years and will continue to need throughout his lifetime, he will likely be homeless or incarcerated, and at serious risk of harm.

Working with this man and others like him, we know the complicated life course associated with pediatric brain injury, and how vital it is that the proper supports are available at the proper time and over the long term. This type of first hand clinical long term experience extends to a full range of serious injuries, including spinal cord injury, orthopedics, burns, amputations and psychological/psychiatric disorders.

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