NRS and Brainworks are recognized as “two powerhouse, award winning companies combining efforts: Smarter Together”!

NRS is thrilled to be recognized by the people who mean the most to us- accident victims.

In this month’s article, the Crash Support Network tells crash victims to ask, “Who is on MY team?”.

They note that in addition to family, friends, lawyers and others who want the best for them, an expert team of medical rehabilitation professionals is key to any “Who is on MY team?” list.

And they describe NRS and Brainworks as “two powerhouse, award winning companies combining efforts: Smarter Together, with the common goal of reaching as many people as possible with their services”:

  • NRS, by way of multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual programs and services, meeting the needs of our multi-cultural society.
  • Brainworks, providing services to most remote areas of the province where services are limited.

Thank you, Crash Support Network, for this recognition, and the valuable resources you provide our clients with your articles, survivor support groups and blog.

Review the article and learn more about Crash Support Network:

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