NRS sponsors successful conference: “Diversity and Health: Avoiding Cultural Malpractice and Promoting Quality Care”

NRS, in partnership with William Osler Hospital and Carranza Law Firm, were thrilled at the success of this exciting conference on Diversity, Ethics and Health, which was held September 23, 2014 in Brampton, Ontario.  To see the conference agenda and speaker bios, click here.

The 150 or so participants were a diverse group from across Ontario and as far away as the Caribbean.  They included management and front line workers from acute care and rehab hospitals, public and private community rehab organizations, community health organizations (including newcomer, blood bank, addictions, cancer, heart and stroke and alzheimer’s groups), as well as representatives from spiritual/religious groups, universities. school boards, the legal community and police services.

Feedback from participants indicated that they felt all the speakers were excellent (with average rating for all speakers being 5/5).  Participant comments included:

  • The conference went beyond my expectations. I hope to really reflect on my practice and make positive changes to provide ongoing quality care”
  • I learned: “How serious the clinical consequences of cultural malpractice are”
  • “Cultural competency goes beyond just ethnicity and language”
  • “Obtained many new skills, knowledge, awareness and tools to bring back to work with me”
  • “Very excited around all of the resources that were shared as part of today. Can’t wait to start reading and exploring”
  • “Great conference, necessary! Great opportunityplease continue providing this conference”

This conference was approved for 5.5 ICE’s for Life Care Planners- in Ethics.

We do hope to make this an annual event, watch for updates early in 2015!


Panel Participants 

Neuro-Rehab Services Inc.