Services Offered

Assessment and treatment services are offered in the home, workplace or school,
as well as at our clinic in North York, Ontario.

Case Managers/Case Coordinators

Case Managers and case coordinators help ensure there is effective communication and collaboration amongst all parties involved your med/rehab program.

Your NRS Case Manager will provide rehab counseling to you make informed decisions in your med/rehab program, help you access the various public and private services and benefits available and ensure there is effective communication between all parties involved (including your NRS team, other med/rehab professionals, employers, schools, insurers and lawyers).

If your injuries are deemed Catastrophic by your auto insurer, you are entitled to a Case Manager. For those who injuries are not deemed CAT, NRS assigns one member of the team to act as the case coordinator.

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Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists  help you do everyday things, like managing your self-care and household chores, engaging in community activities and participating in caregiving, work, academic and leisure pursuits. 

Your NRS Occupational Therapist will assess your physical, sensory, cognitive and psycho-social behavioral function and help you learn new ways of doing things, regain skills and develop new ones, use equipment that makes life easier, obtain other supports such as attendant care and/or homemaking help, and develop strategies that will help you engage in community, work or academic activities.

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Physical Therapists/Kinesiologists/ Massage Therapists

You physical rehab team may include Physiotherapists, Kinesiologists and/or Massage Therapists.  They will help you to manage your pain, maximize your physical abilities and engage in fitness, sport and daily physical activities in the home, workplace or school.

Therapy can be provided at our clinic, in the home, or at a local fitness club.  It will may include client education, hands on treatment to reduce pain and improve strength, range of motion, balance and mobility, the provision of mobility aids and other equipment, help to learn and follow through with home or community exercise programs and help to return to sports. The goal is to maximize your mobility, function and well-being.

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Doctors of Chiropractic Medicine examine, diagnose and provide care to patients with spine and nervous system conditions.

Therapy happens in the clinic. It involves an assessment of your orthopedic and neurological function, hands on treatment and may include radio-graphic testing.

Speech and Language Pathologists

Your Speech and Language Pathologist will assess your speech , language, social communication, cognitive-communication and swallowing disorders.

Goals of therapy may include reducing stuttering and improving articulation and verbal and written language skills.

If you have cognitive communication problems (e.g. in the case of brain injury), goals of therapy may also include improving reasoning, problem solving, memory, organization and social communication skills

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Social Workers

Social workers help clients and their families to adjust to life changes after injury or accident.

Your Social Worker may provide individual and/or family assessments and counseling.  He or she will her you and your family identify and understand the source of stress or difficulty, learn more about your condition, develop coping skills and find effective solutions to the problems impacting your daily lives, relationships and quality of life.

Your Social Worker canalso help you and your family access other public and private social and financial supports in your in their community.

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Psychologists assess and treat behavioural and mental conditions.

Psychologists can diagnose psychological conditions (including accident related conditions like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety or Depression) and treatment includes a variety of approaches directed towards the maintenance and enhancement of physical, intellectual, emotional, social and interpersonal functioning.

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Neuropsychologists are licensed psychologists with expertise in the relationship between brain function and behaviour, emotion and cognition.

A Neuropsychology Assessment involves an interview and a battery of standardized tests and can take a full one or two days.

The results of the assessment offer insight into your cognitive, emotional and behavioural difficulties and may support a brain injury diagnosis, even if brain scans are normal.

Neuropsychologists can also provide an opinion whether your level of impairment impedes useful functional in the home, work or school (which may be helpful to your legal case) and offer recommendations for life skills, vocational or academic rehabilitation or alternative paths.

Certified Child Life Specialists

Certified Child Life Specialists (CCLSs) provide supportive child life interventions, including play therapy. CCLSs work with children whose lives have been touched by illness, trauma and loss, and their families, in the hospital, home or community. They can help you and your child cope with the stress and uncertainty of illness, injury, trauma, disability, loss and bereavement. Interventions can include therapeutic play, preparation for procedures and education to reduce fear, anxiety and pain.

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Dieticians assess the client’s nutritional needs and help them achieve a healthy diet and weight after an injury or illness.

Although anyone can call themselves a Nutritionist, only registered Dieticians can call themselves Dieticians.

NRS Dieticians have extensive experience identifying and treating disease-related nutrition and health.  They will review your medical and diet history, assess your eating and exercise habits, develop an individualized  eating plan that best meets your needs and help you to make healthy food choices.

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Life Skills, Fitness, Vocational and Academic Rehab Coaches

Rehab Coaches work under the supervision of one or more professional therapists, providing intensive support in the fitness center, home, workplace or school.

NRS Coaches have post-secondary education in a relevant field (e.g. Kinesiology, Psychology, Teaching, Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy Assistant) and have extensive training and experience working with individuals with complex injuries, such as brain injury, chronic pain, PTSD and depression.

They provide the type of intensive, holistic and cost effective programming you may need to apply the strategies learned in your various therapies in your daily lives.

Capacity Assessors

Capacity Assessors help determine whether you are capable of making personal or financial decisions.

Designated Capacity Assessors in the province of Ontario use their knowledge and training in the Substitute Decision Act legislation to conduct assessments around granting Power of Attorney (POS) for
Personal Care and Finances/Property. They complete the entire documentation process, including reporting, filling out of forms and signing same.

Driver Assessment and Training

Driver Assessments and Training are completed by an Occupational Therapist and specialized driver instructors for individuals with physical, cognitive or psychological challenges.

The Driving and Assessment and Training Program involves a consultation regarding your readiness to drive, a comprehensive assessment of your physical, cognitive and psychological abilities as they relate to driving and, if indicated, a series of in car driver training sessions focusing on your unique needs. Treatment may also focus on passenger or driver anxiety or phobia.

Your Driver Occupational Therapist may also make recommendations for vehicle modifications.

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Life Care Planners

Certified Life Care Planners provide medical/legal reports for settlement purposes.

If you were injured in a motor vehicle or workplace accident, or because of medical malpractice, your lawyer may ask a Certified Life Care Planner to complete a Life Care Plan. This assessment is done in consultation with the you,  your family and the medical and rehab experts involved, and outlines what you currently require in terms of medical, rehabilitation, equipment and living costs, and what you will need over the course of your lifetime, and the cost of same.

Your Life Care Planner may be asked to be an Expert Witness should your case go to court.

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