Vocational Assessment and Rehabilitation

NRS offers a full range of vocational assessments and rehabilitation services for individuals with physical, cognitive and/or behavioural challenges.


Our Vocational Assessments

Our vocational assessments include assessments of the individual’s vocational abilities, job/work site assessments and situational assessments (an assessment of working individuals on the job).

Our Vocational Rehabilitation

Our Vocational Rehabilitation include pre-vocational or academic training, community work trials, job search skills training and/or work site programming. We also offer 1:1 Job coaching support where indicated.

Vocational Placements

We are pleased to offer real life, work placements for individuals with complex injuries, which can play a critical role in determining if the individual can return to work or not and helping suitable individuals gradually return to paid or unpaid work. Our placements are in North York, Brampton, Mississauga, Milton, Burlington and Hamilton in the following areas:

  • Office Administration. 
  • Janitorial and Cleaning Services.
  • Food Preparation and Customer Service (Take Out Food Industry).
Vocational Program
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